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“Protecting the fabrics we use, every day.”

Scientific Research has lead to the understanding that in order to kill bacteria and other viruses on fabrics, they should be washed in water that is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. However, most commercial machines, including those typically used by most motels and resorts, rarely use water approaching 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

High temperature washing, however, prematurely wears out fabrics increasing a business’ commercial fabric replacement costs. The heat of the water damages the threads and can also contribute to color bleed in the wash. This combined with the rough agitation cycle to beat fabrics clean puts further stress on fabrics already weakened by hot water. In addition, the laundering process also requires chemicals that cause more wear and tear on fabrics.

There is an alternative, you don’t have to launder everything in hot water to kill bacteria.

The Solution:

The BIOPROTECT Us System™ – Healthy Commercial Laundry Softener

Our patented and unique antimicrobial technology used to treat fabrics does not get diluted in water. Instead it attaches to the fabric and remains permanently affixed to the surface for the useful life of the fabric .

Integrating our antimicrobial technology into your laundry involves a 3-step process:

Our BIOPROTECT Us Laundry Softener™ is applied in a single stage of the rinse cycle, and attaches to the surface of fabrics:

First it physically attaches to the fabrics’ coating them with a cationic (excess +charge) initiator one molecule deep in a process called physisorption.
The second process creates covalent bonding to the receptive surfaces.
And, once the bond to your fabrics is established, The BIOPROTECT Us Commercial Laundry Softener acts like millions of little microscopic electrical swords, stabbing, rupturing and disintegrating the harmful bacteria. And, it remains on the fabrics over many uses rendering your fabrics antimicrobial.

The Result

After the fabric surface is microscopically coated in this manner, The BIOPROTECT Us System™ becomes virtually irremovable, and it’s safe. We use no poisons, and our product does not cross the human skin barrier and does not affect normal skin bacteria, cause rashes or skin irritations.

NOW, you can prevent the fabrics that are used every day from transmitting harmful bacteria.

IMPORTANT: All antimicrobials must be registered with the EPA, the EU, and often other regulatory bodies for their specific uses. A manufacturers specific use also should be registered (i.e., an antimicrobial that is only EPA registered for use in shoes should not be used for treating socks).