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“Protecting food from farm to table.”

In 2005, Congress passed the Sanitary Food Transportation Act (SFTA), and Section 416 of the act requires the FDA to set up regulations for sanitary transportation practices to be followed by all shippers, carriers, receivers, and any others engaged in food transport.

Fleets are now required by law to regularly disinfect and protect EVERY fleet trailer to ensure that the food you transport is protected against contamination during transportation.

So, EVERY single food transport vessel must be certified safe.

The shipping container and cargo storage facilities industry is challenged by the disruptive and destructive presence of microbes; bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae. Microbes are everywhere and the undesirable ones cause destruction of shipping containers, facilities and the cargo through rot and bio-corrosion, unsightly staining and discoloration, and putrid, musty and yeasty odors. These microbes can also pose health risks, such as infections, pandemic diseases, emerging pathogens, allergies and threats of bioterrorism. Further to these hazards is the fact that governmental overreach into the hygiene of shipping containers and transit facilities was extended this year with a modification to the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act. Under the 2016 rules, CFR: Title 21, Section 1.908, the FDA now regulates food imports to the USA with more rigorous enforcement, requirements for recordkeeping and penalties. Applying Hazard Analysis and critical Control Point (HACCP) quality standards are warranted to maintain self-auditing status under the Voluntary Quality Import Program (VQIP) and for compliance with the new rules.

Investing in risk reduction and compliance programs makes dollars and sense. Our Healthy Fleet Program provides for microbial control and assurances that take the shipping containers and in-port storage facilities out of the microbial contamination cycle.

The Solution:

The BIOPROTECT Us System for Healthy Fleets is here to help your fleet comply with the FDA requirements.

It is the most effective protection that exists in your industry today. Our System is the fastest, safest, and most economical system for helping you to perform the Federally required, routine cleaning of your commercial fleet.

Our System is the most effective protection that exists in the transportation industry today.

The BIOPROTECT Us System™ is the fastest, safest, and most economical system for helping you with the Federally required, routine cleaning of your commercial plant and fleets.

The Healthy Fleet Program presents an opportunity to set industry standards and practices that allow for shipping container and cargo protections throughout the industry and to provide for avoidance of government surveillance, which can be costly not only in legal fees and fines, but in loss of business and the negative impact on the environment.

We have a certified 6 step process implemented quarterly for cleaning your plant and fleets.

The BIOPROTECT Us System – for Healthy Fleets

Our System for protecting your fleet against harmful microorganisms begins with our team of Certified Technicians who know and understand not only how to efficiently and effectively administer The BIOPROTECT Us System™ but also, have been hand-selected as Technicians because they understand your specific industry and the challenges you face in complying with Federal, State and Local regulations.

Step 1 –  Inspection & Testing – We use state of the art testing methods to determine the level of microbes in your facility and fleet. This provides a baseline for the treatment protocols.
Step 2 – Certified Filtration – Before we treat any surface, we test and treat the air. We install an industrial certified submicron filter.*
Step 3Certified Disinfectant – Before we protect, we must disinfect. We apply SmartTouch™, our patented, non-toxic, NSF rated, hospital grade disinfectant. Our scientists have conducted extensive testing and as a result, certified SmartTouch™ had the highest level of complimentary molecular structure to BIOPROTECT products. SmartTouch™ fits with our BIOPROTECT products much like a “hand-in-glove.” It kills 99.99% of all microorganisms while working as a “perfect fit” with BIOPROTECT to leave surfaces continuously and persistently clean. This provides the greatest protection against harmful bacteria.
Step 4BIOPROTECT – Next, our Certified Technicians treats the disinfected surfaces with our innovative, patented, antimicrobial technology, BIOPROTECT™, which provides persistent, continuous antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, and other known microorganisms for up to 90-days.
Step 5Certified Retesting – To confirm that you can see the results of our antimicrobial BIOPROTECT Us System™ we will retest after our application process has been completed and provide you with a copy of the certified results.
Step 6Disinfecting Maintenance Program – We will train your key personnel on when and how to use SmartTouch™ in between The BIOPROTECT Us System™ treatments so we know they understand how to continue with the benefits of our Healthy Fleet Program. We also provide an appropriate supply of SmartTouch™.

When you enroll in the quarterly maintenance using The BIOPROTECT Us System™ Healthy Fleet Program, we will do our part to provide you with the assurance that you are compliant with the FDA.

IMPORTANT: All antimicrobials must be registered with the EPA, the EU, and often other regulatory bodies for their specific uses. A manufacturers specific use also should be registered.


*Certified Industrial Submicron Filter – Based upon our scientific testing, The BIOPROTECT Us System™ has certified the Sanders Submicron Filter as the superior industrial filter offering the best protection when used in conjunction with The BIOPROTECT Us System™.