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“Protecting the clothes you wear, every day.”

In the United States, cold water is the most preferred water temperate for laundry. Cold water washing reaches ONLY 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. But 140 degrees Fahrenheit is the lowest temperature that science tell us effectively kills possible pathogenic bacteria. For example, Staphylococcus can survive at temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower washing temperatures although they might get your clothes clean, offer little help for killing harmful bacteria so cross-contamination conditions can occur in your laundry.

But, you don’t have to wash everything in hot water to kill harmful bacteria, there’s an alternative.

AND it’s an alternative so powerful that your clothes will stay protected from harmful bacteria after wearing them over a dozen times.

The BIOPROTECT Us System – for Healthy Laundry Softener

Our patented and unique antimicrobial technology used to treat clothes does not get diluted in water. Instead it attaches to the fabric and remains permanently affixed to the surface for the life of the clothing.

Integrating our antimicrobial technology into your laundry involves a 3-step process:

Our Bioprotect Laundry Softener™ is applied in a single stage of the rinse cycle, and attaches to the surface of clothing:

First it physically attaches to the clothing coating it with a cationic (excess +charge) initiator one molecule deep in a process called physisorption.
The second process creates covalent bonding to the receptive surfaces.
And, once the bond to your clothing is established, The BIOPROTECT Us System acts like millions of little microscopic electrical rods, stabbing, rupturing and disintegrating the harmful bacteria. And, it remains on your garment over many uses rendering your clothing antimicrobial.

The Result

After the clothing surface is microscopically coated in this manner, The BIOPROTECT Us System™ becomes virtually irremovable, and it’s safe. We use no poisons, and our product does not cross the human skin barrier and does not affect normal skin bacteria, cause rashes or skin irritations.

NOW, you can prevent the clothes you wear every day from transmitting harmful bacteria and germs to your skin.

IMPORTANT: All antimicrobials must be registered with the EPA, the EU, and often other regulatory bodies for their specific uses. A manufacturers specific use also should be registered (i.e., an antimicrobial that is only EPA registered for use in shoes should not be used for treating socks).

The BIOPRTOECT Us System™….”The Future of Clean™”

* Certified Industrial Submicron Filter – Based upon our scientific testing, The BIOPROTECT Us System™ has certified the Sanders Submicron Filter as the superior industrial filter offering the best protection when used in conjunction with The BIOPROTECT Us System™.