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“Protecting all plastic products and plastic devices.”

Preventing the formation of biofilms on implantable plastic-based medical devices, and preventing harmful bacteria in containers from food to medicines, in fact, protecting all plastic products is the goal of The BIOPROTECT Us System-Healthy Plastics Program.

There are products whose “kill-field” is created by a chemical-leaching process that adds toxins into the plastics during manufacturing in order to poison the harmful microbes and render them harmless. But, these products often wear out over time, and can create microbial resistance (what we know as “Superbugs” that are resistant to the poison) because as the chemical toxins become less concentrated, due to either leaching or drying, the bacteria can develop an adaptation to the weaker strain of toxin and become immune to it in larger doses. In many ways a straight chemical cure to harmful bacteria may do more harm than good.

The Solution:

The BIOPROTECT Us System™…The Future of Clean™

We employ a non-leaching technology of bound antimicrobials that remain affixed to the plastic and, on a molecular scale, physically pierce the microbe’s membrane rupturing the microorganism on contact killing them while maintaining their efficacy to continue to kill any other microorganisms that come in contact with the surface. This technology is used to treat all types of plastics and is not consumed by the microorganisms as it kills them.

The BIOPROTECT Us System for Healthy Plastics Manufacturing is here to help your company remain in compliance with the all EPA or FDA requirements. And we can assist and advise on any State and Local Regulations that fall within the guidelines of The BIOPROTECT Us System™.

Our System is the most effective protection that exists in the plastics industry today.
The BIOPROTECT Us System™ is the fastest, safest, and most economical system for helping you with the Federally required, routine cleaning of your commercial plant and to add the same antimicrobial protection to the plastics you manufacture.

We have a certified 6 step process implemented quarterly for cleaning your manufacturing plant and a separate 3 step process for fabricating our antimicrobial System into your plastic products themselves.

The BIOPROTECT Us System – for Healthy Plastics Facilities

Our System for protecting your manufacturing plant against harmful microorganisms begins with our team of Certified Technicians who know and understand not only how to efficiently and effectively administer The BIOPROTECT Us System™ but also, have been hand-selected as Technicians because they understand your specific industry and the challenges you face in complying with Federal, State and Local regulations.

Step 1 –  Inspection & Testing – We use state of the art testing methods to determine the level of microbes in your facility. This provides a baseline for the treatment protocols.
Step 2 – Certified Filtration – Before we treat any surface, we test and treat the air. We install an industrial certified submicron filter.*
Step 3Certified Disinfectant – Before we protect, we must disinfect. We apply SmartTouch™, our patented, non-toxic, NSF rated, hospital grade disinfectant. Our scientists have conducted extensive testing and as a result, certified SmartTouch™ had the highest level of complimentary molecular structure to BIOPROTECT products. SmartTouch™ fits with our BIOPROTECT products much like a “hand-in-glove.” It kills 99.999% of all microorganisms while working as a “perfect fit” with BIOPROTECT to leave surfaces continuously and persistently clean. This provides the greatest protection against harmful bacteria.
Step 4BIOPROTECT – Next, our Certified Technicians treat the disinfected surfaces with our innovative, patented, antimicrobial technology, BIOPROTECT™, which provides persistent, continuous antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, and other known microorganisms for up to 90-days.
Step 5Certified Retesting – To confirm that you can see the results of our antimicrobial BIOPROTECT Us System™ we will retest after our application process has been completed and provide you with a copy of the certified results.
Step 6Disinfecting Maintenance Program – We will train your key personnel on when and how to use SmartTouch™ in between The BIOPROTECT Us System™ treatments so we know they understand how to continue with the benefits of our Healthy Plastics Facilities Program. We also provide an appropriate supply of SmartTouch™.

The BIOPROTECT Us System™ – for Healthy Plastics Manufacturing

This is a 3 step process:

  1. Our technical staff works with your company to make certain that the conditions for adding our scientific evidence-based, patented, antimicrobial formula into the manufacturing process are successfully met. This will be accomplished on 2 vectors:
    1. The antimicrobial solution must be added at the right temperature, and
    2. The antimicrobial solution must be added at the right sequence in the manufacturing process.
  2. The curing process, which is vital to the adhesion of the antimicrobial solution to the substrate, is then applied by employing UV conditions that are optimum for creating the covalent bond.
  3. Once accomplished, bacteria are drawn in by localized powerful electrostatic adhesive forces or a simulated electric field when they approach a high charge density cationic (+ charge) surface. These factors locally flatten out the membrane and establish a close-proximity contact. Above the charge density threshold, bacteria are unable to detach and grow.

The Result – After the plastic surface is properly coated, The BIOPROTECT Us System™ becomes virtually irremovable.

  1. Our treatment does not use harmful toxins to kill bacteria.
  2. The technology stays on the plastics being treated, it does not cross the human skin barrier and does not affect normal skin bacteria, cause rashes or skin irritations.
  3. When microbes contact the treated surface, the cell is physically ruptured by a sword-like stabbing action and electrocuted by a positively charged nitrogen molecule.

IMPORTANT: All antimicrobials must be registered with the EPA, the EU, and often other regulatory bodies for their specific uses. A manufacturers specific use also should be registered (i.e., an antimicrobial that is only EPA registered for use in shoes should not be used for treating socks).

When you enroll for the quarterly maintenance using The BIOPROTECT Us System™ Healthy Plastics Program we will do our part to provide you with the assurance that you are compliant with all Regulatory Agencies.


*Certified Industrial Submicron Filter – Based upon our scientific testing, The BIOPROTECT Us System™ has certified the Sanders Submicron Filter as the superior industrial filter offering the best protection when used in conjunction with The BIOPROTECT Us System™.