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“Protecting the air you breath & EVERY Surface in your Senior Living Home.”

Influenza and pneumonia combined add up to the sixth leading cause of death in America — 90% of these in senior adults according to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

According to the CDC, elderly long-range care facilities have proven that bacteria, viruses and fungi are routinely transferred directly from contaminated surfaces to patients or residents. Nurse’s and caregiver’s hands can quickly contaminate any surface and equipment that they touch, such as nurse station. Once contamination is found, it costs tens of thousands of dollars to correct. You can prevent the problem rather than correcting it.

Most senior living homes have more than one source of pollutants that contributes to indoor poor indoor air quality. There is a serious risk from the cumulative effects of these sources. Both the EPA and the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) print safety guides to instruct you on how to deal with getting rid of pollutants and bacteria in your senior living home.

  • But do you have the staff and time read the guidelines? And, are you really qualified to determine the quality of your senior living home filtration system?
  • Sure, your mechanical engineer can change the filter, but is that enough? Are you using the best possible filter in your facility?
  • Do you know how many parts per million (ppm) of pollutants the carpet or the furniture is giving off?
  • Do you know how to properly ventilate the senior living home for maximum air quality?
  • Can your Senior Living facility back up a claim that you have created an environment that is bacteria safe for your residents?
  • Are you doing your best to provide protection for the “loved ones” placed here to be under your care?

Using The BIOPROTECT Us System is an important differentiator for your Senior Living Facility.

The Solution:

The BIOPROTECT Us System™ – for Healthy Senior Living Homes

Our System for protecting your senior living home against harmful microorganisms begins with our team of Certified Technicians who know and understand not only how to efficiently and effectively administer The BIOPROTECT Us System™ but also, have been hand-selected as Technicians because they understand surface contamination and how to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in homes.

The BIOPROTECT Us System™ for Healthy Senior Living Homes is a 6 step process:

Step 1 -Inspection & Testing – We use state of the art testing methods to determine the level of harmful microbes in your senior living home. This provides a baseline for the treatment protocols.
Step 2 – Certified Filtration – Before we treat any surface, we test and treat the air. We install a certified submicron filter.*
Step 3 – Certified Disinfectant – Before we protect, we must disinfect. We apply SmartTouch™, our patented, non-toxic, NSF rated, hospital grade disinfectant. Our scientists have conducted extensive testing and as a result, certified SmartTouch™ had the highest level of complimentary molecular structure to BIOPROTECT products. SmartTouch™ fits with our BIOPROTECT products much like a “hand-in-glove.” It kills 99.99% of all harmful microorganisms while working as a “perfect fit” with BIOPROTECT to leave surfaces continuously and persistently clean. This provides the greatest protection against harmful bacteria.
Step 4 – BIOPROTECT – Next, our Certified Technicians begin the treatment of the disinfected surfaces with our innovative, patented, antimicrobial technology, BIOPROTECT™, which provides persistent, continuous antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, and other known microorganisms for up to 90-days. BIOPROTECT can be applied to any surface in your home. It forms a covalent bond with plastics, metals, synthetic materials, wood, textiles…in short every possible surface in your senior living home. It acts to kill harmful bacteria not by toxins that can be dangerous to your family and pets, but rather by leaving a bond on the surface that contains hundreds of millions of microscopic chemical bonds that act like swords to pierce and destroy bacteria on contact.
Step 5 – Certified Retesting – To confirm that you can see the results of our antimicrobial BIOPROTECT Us System™ we will retest the entire area after our application process has been completed and provide you with a copy of the certified results.
Step 6 – Disinfecting Maintenance Program – We will show you how to use SmartTouch™ in between The BIOPROTECT Us System™ treatments so you know how to continue the benefits of our Healthy Senior Living Program. We also provide an appropriate supply of SmartTouch™. We have designed this product in an easy to use, non-aerosol spray container and mixed it at the perfect strength for daily cleaning of your household surfaces.

IMPORTANT: All antimicrobials must be registered with the EPA, the EU, and often other regulatory bodies for their specific uses. A manufacturers specific use also should be registered (i.e., an antimicrobial that is only EPA registered for use in shoes should not be used for treating socks).

When you enroll in the quarterly The BIOPROTECT Us System™ Senior Living Facility program, we will do our part to provide you with the assurance that your home is protected against harmful bacteria at a commercial standard…the EPA doesn’t regulate household cleanliness, that’s why we certify our cleanliness!

The BIOPRTOECT Us System™….”The Future of Clean”

To make an appointment with a Certified Technician in your Area – COMPLETE THIS FORM FOR A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION!

*Certified Industrial Submicron Filter – Based upon our scientific testing, The BIOPROTECT Us System™ has certified the Sanders Submicron Filter as the superior industrial filter offering the best protection when used in conjunction with The BIOPROTECT Us System™.