About ViaClean Technologies, LLC

ViaClean Technologies, LLC is a biotech company that develops, manufactures, and markets groundbreaking, innovative, and environmentally responsible antimicrobial solutions that protect surfaces with SmartTouch® disinfectant and BIOPROTECT™ RTU and 500 antimicrobial surface protectants to safeguard both interior and exterior physical surfaces from microbial contaminants (algae, odor and stain-causing bacteria, fungi, and mold).

ViaClean Technologies’, LLC, pioneering and proprietary technologies, products, and services provide antibacterial, antimicrobial, disinfectant, and advanced odor control solutions for commercial, institutional, and consumer use. ViaClean’s products include the BIOPROTECT™ Hydrating Hand Sanitizer and the BIOPROTECTUs™ System, which is comprised of SmartTouch™, BIOPROTECT™ RTU, and BIOPROTECT™ 500. 

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